Data Management Strategy

Defining the data management strategy that empowers a business to excel.

Business Case Construct

Business Case Model The structure of the Business Case Model needs to represent the Business strategic objectives that are drivers for the need for Data Management.  Aligned to those strategic objectives are a set of hard dollar benefits and soft risk benefits. The business case must reflect the scope covered by the corresponding Data Management […]

Target Operating Model

The Target Operating Model is a collection of models that establish the “rules of engagement” for the Data Management function. Industry Constructs inform the Target Operating Models design, customized based on size, complexity, geography, and culture of the organization. Data Management Accountability Matrix DM Business Glossary Data Management Principles Stakeholder Analysis Data Management Capabilities Framework DM […]

Funding Construct

Funding Model The structure of the Funding Model is dependent on the central, federated, or hybrid structure of the overall Data Management Function. Funding is required for both the ongoing operations and project activities aligned to each level of the organization (Enterprise, Region, Function, and Domain). The Funding Model should set the expectations for the […]

Data Management Principles

The Data Management function must establish a set of guiding principles for the design of the function. A recommended set of principles are below. Data accountability must align to the business process owner that produces the data Data must be harmonized to meaning Data requires governing Data under management must be maintained in a single […]

Data Management Capabilities Framework

The Data Management Capabilities Framework presented below is informed by the EDM Council Data Management Capabilities Assessment Model (DCAM™). DCAM™ is an industry standard framework for the What – the core capabilities that should exist in a comprehensive data management function. The framework has been validated by the many organizations that have adopted and applied it to […]

Data Management Business Glossary

The Design Network recommends the adoption of the EDM Council Data Management Business Glossary as the internal base glossary for an organization’s Data Management function.  Term names can be modified when required to match current practice within an organization but the original term name should remain as a synonym. Term definitions should not be altered […]

Data Management Accountability Matrix

The Data Management Accountability Matrix is a  construct for identifying the stakeholder types across the data ecosystem and the high-level roles and the relationships between the stakeholder types. Construct – a generic representation of a concept unencumbered by unique characteristics of an industry or organization. The construct is used by an organization to inform the design […]

Data Management Strategy Capability Overview

Data Management Strategy is one of the six defined Data Management Capabilities. Data Management Strategy documents and monitors the elements of sound data and data management strategy (across capabilities) incorporating enterprise and business line objectives and priorities.

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