1.0 Data Management Strategy

The Data Management Strategy component is a set of capabilities to define, prioritize, organize, fund and govern data management and how it is embedded into the operations of the organization in alignment with the enterprise and business function objectives and priorities.

1.0 Data Management Strategy Component Assessment Model

1.1 Data Management Strategy (DMS) is Specified and Shared with Relevant Stakeholders 1.1.1 The DMS is developed, documented, and consolidated. Description The DMS needs to be documented in collaboration with the full spectrum of business, technology and operations management. Sub-Capability Objectives DMS has been documented. DMS has been aligned with business, technology, and operations. DMS […]

Data Management Strategy Component Introduction

The Data Management Strategy determines how data management is defined, organized, funded, governed and embedded into the operations of the organization.  It defines the long-term vision including a description of critical stakeholder or stakeholder functions that must be aligned. Data Management Strategy demonstrates the business value that the program will seek to achieve.  It becomes […]

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