Mark McQueen

One thought on “Data Governance Construct”

  1. Thanks Mark, some thoughts for consideration

    – At the inception, should you differentiate the different types of governance? You do later in the article, so it may make sense to differentiate strategy from operations

    – standards is such an ambiguous word. Can we differentiate the interpretation of policy from content?

    For people starting out, seeing all of the forums will be an eye opener. Any consideration for “if you are going to start, start here” or “options for starting”?

    This would apply to your massive Tier 1 Bank – and I’m not even sure if they would have all of those ‘formal’ bodies. Might make sense to talk about frequency of those groups meeting to give some context – or have a colour cascade about “first 6 months”, “second 6 months”, etc. as the groups get established?



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