Who owns the content of the Knowledge Portal?

The EDM Council Best Practice Program collects best practice based on the execution of the DCAM™ Framework. These examples of best practice are then vetted in a Work Group made up of Data Management practitioners with subject matter expertise on the specific topic. Once vetted and approved by the DCAM Steering Committee the best practice is published in the DCAM Knowledge Portal.

Participation in the Best Practice Program and access to the DCAM Knowledge Portal is open to representatives from EDM Council member organizations.

The EDM Council also maintains a DCAM Authorized Partner (DAP) program. The DAP is the training and certification mechanism by which consultants and advisors are licensed to deliver DCAM-based assessments. The goal of DAP is to verify that participants are fully versed in the data management principles and capabilities of DCAM.

Why should EDM Council members share their best practice?

Achieving quality data in an organization is not in itself a competitive differentiator. The competitive advantage is what an organization does with that data in analytics to support decision making.

By sharing Data Management best practice based on the DCAM Framework, organizations can leverage one another’s learning curve and accelerate the development of industry standard processes, tools, and constructs available to all. The organization can then customize the best practice for granular execution of the data management processes in their organization. Harnessing the industry crowd wisdom will not only let an organization get to repeatable and sustainable Data Management processes faster, but they will continue to leverage new best practice as Data Management evolves.


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